Not so “Tiny Tower”

Company: NimbleBit LLC
Version: 1.5.1
Size: 13.5 MB
Platform: Optimized for iPhone/iPodTouch (2x mode for iPad)
Price: Free

This is a very simple, yet extremely addictive game.  The basic idea is to build a tower as large as you can get it.  There are no limitations on the size, or the number of floors you can have.

Tiny Tower Game Mechanics
There are two basic floor types, commercial floor (coin generating) and residential (employee generating).  Each residential floor can have up to a max of 5 residents.  These residents are given jobs to do on your commercial floors.  Commercial floors can have a maximum of 3 employees, but can be run with as few as 1 employee.

Commercial floors belong to one of five types of commerce; Food, Service, Recreation, Restaurante an Creative.  Each of these types is given a color for ease of identification. Each commercial shop/store has a unique name, again so you can find a specific one (more on that later).

Residents/Employees all have a skill level 0 – 9 for each of the 5 commercial floor types.  In addition, each resident/employee has a dream job they would like to one day have.  Placing an employee in a shop where their skill level is 4 or less, will result in an unhappy employee, placing them in a shop where their skill is 5 or above will yield an indifferent employee, but the higher the skill the more money you will save when restocking the floorwith merchandise.  If you place a resident in their dream job, they will give you 2x the normal stock for the price of one.

From time to time, you will have the ability to fairy people from the main lobby, on the ground floor to one of the floors in your tower that the person requests.  Doing so will give you coins (coin value is 2x the floor number they requested, so floor 14 will pay you 28 coins).  Occasionally, a rider will tip you a tower bux for the ride.

Randomly, you will be asked to find a specific person in the tower, this will always yield you a tower bux, so I highly recommend you complete these.

Rarely, you will have VIPs that will enter the elevator.  These people almost always help you in a big way.  You can have a construction worker (will take 3

hours off the construction time of a new floor), Celebrity (will temporarily increase the traffic to a commercial floor), Real Estate Agent (will move residents into any/all available spots in a residential floor), Big Spender (will buy out all of a single item on a commercial floor). Delivery Person (will take 3 hours off any restocking on a floor).

Hints & TIps
It’s it a very good idea to get all your floor types in one area for when you need to search for your Bitizens… To go along with this, you should also change the shirt color of your employees to match their floor business type.  This way if you need to find someone of the food type.  Their little search picture will show you that they are wearing a green shirt…. You can then go to the section of your tower that has your green type businesses…. If you’re building everything evenly, then on a 100 floor tower, you should only really need to search 10 or so floors to find the person you’re looking for…. Occasionally your bitizen will be on an apartment floor, but these are rare and pretty easy to search through.

If you’re looking to make tower bux easily, you should plan on trying to play for a stretch at a time.  You should get a number of elevator requests to take bitizens to floors, and if you’re lucky these bitizens will tip you.  Also, you should have a number of requests to search for people… using the technique above you should be able to knock out about 40 – 60 bux per hour.

If you’re looking to make coins, and only check in to your tower from time to time (once or twice a day). Fill all your businesses with 3 employees and concentrate on stocking the 3 coin items first, followed by the 2 coin items… This way you can get the best return on your time.  If you have max number of bitizens in their dream job on the floor, they will give you x2 the number of normal stock for the same price!

More often than not, it’s NOT worth upgrading the stock capacity of a floor for the 3 bux.

2 thoughts on “Not so “Tiny Tower”

  1. This kind of reminds me of the old game Sim Tower! I loved that game, and I am thinking about downloading this just to see if it is as good as it. It looks the same really, so I will see how well they did making this game

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