Houses, Lawyers, Doctors, oh my!

With the economy finally starting to get better, I can’t help but wonder who will screw it up again next time.  It seems there are a lot of different balls up in the air, any one of which can come down, and shatter the fragile economic stability that is starting to take root.

With the housing market getting a little better, it seems that lenders are still clambering to see who they can refinance, and with what sort of insane deals they can offer to trigger them to refinance their mortgage loans.

Companies are offering interest rates as low as 3.7% for some people, while most people with great credit were lucky to get 6.7% as little as 5 years ago on a 30 year fixed mortgage or FHA loan.  I see the house of cards rebuilding.

Doctors have their hands full too with the state of healthcare being bombarded with new laws, and big pharma companies trying to cram new pills, medications, and treatments down the throats of the American economy.

Then there are the lawyers who want to sue for everything; patents, copyright, injuries, medical malpractice, you name it.  It seems that people can’t be counted on anymore to just admit they made a mistake and to move on with things.  We need to get lawyers, and judges involved in everything.

Let’s see if we can get the economy going again just to see who can be the first to screw it up next time.