I’m back

It’s been too long…

I think I’m ready to start doing this blogging thing again.  We’ll see if I can stick to it a bit longer this time.

Got a few things on my plate that I’d like to work on, and maybe write about.  I have a new idea for a new site that I want to get up… more on that later.  Got a number of “honey-do” items to get to and a few other obligations that just need to get done.

Sometimes there really just aren’t enough hours in the week to get make it all happen, and to do it right.

…Oh well, sitting around here isn’t helping… back to work!

Are you a mutant? I hope I am!

Some genetic mutations can be extremely helpful.  See the examples below of helpful mutations in some studied populations:

  • CETP – reduces chances of getting Alzheimer’s by 69%
  • CETP – reduces chances of high blood pressure by 20%
  • APOC-3 – reduces chances of high blood pressure by 31%
  • APOC-3 – reduces chances of diabetes by 50%
  • APOC-3 – reduces chances of cardiovascular disease by 65%
  • GHR – reduces chances of getting cancer by 100%
  • GHR – reduces chances of diabetes by 100%
  • FOXO3a – reduces chances of cardiovascular disease by 40%
  • FOXO3a – reduces chances of cancer by 55%

Caramel Vanilla Cream K-Cup

The caramel Vanilla Cream K-Cup smells great, and tastes even better.  After filling my cup and returning to my desk, I had 2 comments from people sitting around me about how good that smells.

The fun didn’t stop there, the taste was very smooth and soothing, but still had a little pick-me-up to help me get going first thing in the morning.

This is a tasty little treat that will definetly find its way back into my Keurig again in the future.

Taste rating 8.5/10 — Would recommend, and will pay for again!